Friday, November 20, 2009

photos of a recent visitor

Raelyn visited recently on what may end up being her final east coast modeling tour. We became friends not through modeling or because of modeling but rather the lives that modeling creates. (If that makes any sense at all, it does to me so I'll leave it at that) Anyways, I invited her to stay with us and it worked out that she kindly modeled for me on her visit. I wish that I could have taken the week off and gone exploring in dc or something more likely to get two naked girls in trouble. As it was, she got a huge dose of my dorkiness and was a sweetheart to put up with my photo experimenting. The dress is mine. ( as if that needed saying!) Luckily she's tiny like me. I feel very good about the overall shoot. I had a few vague ides based off things I'd been doing on my own in the same room. I didn't get to all of them but I got 4 images that I had in mind and one that I didn't.

I think the back is probably the sexiest part of a woman's body. We all have our own parts we are proud of or admire in others. I personally love a softly curving back. And hair. And toes. And collar bones.

This last one is my favorite from the session. It was the first I edited and the one I keep coming back to in terms of picking and prioritizing. Thoughts? I'd like to continue this exploration with other models and in other settings. Female tho I may eventually seek out the boys. Not yet.

You can find Raelyn on her blog: Creating My own Beauty and her: Deviant Art probably her MM too.

The song is actually an old Pandora find. The singer is Dierdre Dubois of Ekova a group I've been fond of for years since their first album. There is naked in this video and a candle oh and pretty nifty music.

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