Monday, December 21, 2009

radio waves to the universe

Happy solstice everyone. Yes it was a couple hours ago. Still it's the thought right? I was busy drowning my shame of the Redskins.

I'll be naked in front of a camera tomorrow! Bout damn time. Is naked an addiction?
photo is by mmk60

couple videos for viewing musts:
Remember powers of 10? This is um newer, trippier? Just watch it:

Also I did the twitter thing for like 36 hours or so. I did gain something out of it. A brilliant bit I would have missed otherwise I'm sure. I hum it all day now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cirque du Soleil Favorites

In thanks and inspiration to iMonstrosity's post earlier today (yesterday now) I'm sharing the two acts i've found in my internet rambles to be ... well... the most sensual and damn sexy circus acts ever. Really check out her post. The Aerial Straps from Varekai are number 3 on my list.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

something new and something old

I went back to Reston recently for a shoot with a new photographer. See him on Flickr MM and DA

Be wary the following is full of angst. I'm prone to it.


I go down to the lake at night barefoot in my dreams

The water stills me.
I watch, feel, dream.
Seeking to shrink down into not-being and then up again beyond

Watching trees as they…show me a thing I do not see
through the trees… out to flatness and light.
a star
it moves
becomes a satellite
turns away

I close my eyes;
everything disappears.
I am on the river my bluedream River.

I whisper to her. I’m sorry for not visiting I am here now.
floating in the waves
washed away by the crickets.
I float up, flowing, feeling tugged like the ocean by the moon.
Breathing no words the water of the lake stills me and I feel.

This is why I go down to the lake at night barefoot and in dreams.

All images are by Stephen Carroll 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009


My cat just ate an entire shrew. No wonder he's monstrously fat. I mean aren't they supposed to only eat the soft, chewy, meaty parts? He ate the WHOLE damn thing bones went crunch crunch crunch. Yuck.