Sunday, December 21, 2008

I wish I had something of actuality to say. I don't that's the issue with this blog. I have nothing to say. I dislike talking blindly to an "audience." I'm not a habitual journal keeper. Anything I have to say to myself I say, there is no "hashing it out on paper. " I prefer imagery. I was an obsessive scrapbooker as a kid. Now I collect everything.
I often think of things I'd like to say in a blog entry, but then when it comes down to it, it seems pointless. Consequently, I have several unfinished, unposted "entries" hiding in the wings. I've thought about it on and off and I keep coming back to the thought that it has quite a bit to do with my personal feelings on privacy and how much of myself I reveal to the "outside world." Oh the Irony! A girl posting nude photos of herself on the internet and bemoaning the lack of substance in her own blog based on a fear of exposing herself! And why is that? Phooey is what I say. Maybe 2009 will be a me get over myself year?

Maybe I'll start telling stories again.

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