Sunday, December 6, 2009

something new and something old

I went back to Reston recently for a shoot with a new photographer. See him on Flickr MM and DA

Be wary the following is full of angst. I'm prone to it.


I go down to the lake at night barefoot in my dreams

The water stills me.
I watch, feel, dream.
Seeking to shrink down into not-being and then up again beyond

Watching trees as they…show me a thing I do not see
through the trees… out to flatness and light.
a star
it moves
becomes a satellite
turns away

I close my eyes;
everything disappears.
I am on the river my bluedream River.

I whisper to her. I’m sorry for not visiting I am here now.
floating in the waves
washed away by the crickets.
I float up, flowing, feeling tugged like the ocean by the moon.
Breathing no words the water of the lake stills me and I feel.

This is why I go down to the lake at night barefoot and in dreams.

All images are by Stephen Carroll 2009

1 comment:

stephen>>> said...

your poem goes well with the images. I guess that means our unconscious issues overlap somewhere ;) melancholy, searching in dreams, images of water, floating.........

I envy you this forum of your blog. What a beautiful way of sharing what you are feeling and thinking.

Maybe I should start one.

thanks for finding meaning in my images ;))