Monday, February 4, 2008

First Post

Ok let's see how this goes. I'm starting a blog to go along with a website that I have in the works. This site, being a project/experiment will take a while. In the mean time, I think I can accomplish most everything a personal website used to be for in blog format.

So what am I going to do here?

Mostly rant and rave.
I'll use this space as a place to avoid forum postings and to save my fiance's ears. (He's kinda sick of hearing about the stupid people and says that it's depressing when I read the news aloud.)
When I find something cool I'll post it here (for posterity.)

I've also noticed that I like reading peoples blog's and sometimes I want to respond to their posts with a full blown rant myself.

Sometimes I'll post photos. Me. Naked. Fuzzy. Cute. Rarely with more than two of those as descriptives.

I don't really know what I'll do, so don't get your expectations all expected.


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welcome to the blog-O-sphere