Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I will be using this image on the "splash" page for the future web-site. (one day it will exist, along with my coat project, and box-lamp, and various other ongoing projects .) I love it. .
Todd Brown in Portland was very generous with his hospitality on our trip through Oregon. Also, since people seem to note these things, and I definitely noticed, he has an excellent and healthily eclectic taste in music. This one was from the same shoot, no I wasn't dancing here. These two seem to me to go well together as a diptych. Movement is something I enjoy seeing explored photographically. Mostly because its a little paradoxical.
I was reminded of this trip because it was last years "big adventure." The boy and I are about to embark on this years big adventure this coming Saturday. Wish us luck and great fun. I won't tell too much of the plans because then expectations may arise. But... there may some really cool stuff happening... We are NOT going to Rome. We are NOT getting married. I am NOT quitting my job. (tho I found out today that many folks at work thought that one or all of the above were the case. ) There is a wedding, in Scotland. For his cousin, fancy stuff.

Now for a dinosaur photo straight outta my camera from our recent venture in the Museum of the Rockies. Cool place. I think I'll post some of my own snaps and photos in here as well.
And the outside:

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