Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some overdue business in the nude area

So, I never did kick-start this blog thing. I've got several unposted half entries. Since I'm kinda of aiming to keep this modeling or at least photography oriented, I should post some images right? Problem is I don't know where to start. I figured maybe the beginning?

In a past life I was a waitress. I discovered that a coworker was also a hobbyist photographer, tho our subject matter and angles of approach were very different. I was coming from a dark-room oriented art student mentality. The process and power of photography captivated (still does) me. He was coming from an entirely self-taught point- and-shoot angle. Eventually we developed a friendship which carried over to me modeling for him. I had posed nude for "photo sets" before. But these were the type hidden on an unmarked floppy away from moms. This was something with artistic merit, a creative goal, and technically my first couple shoots weren't nude at all, but they lead up to it. I'm going to post images here that haven't seen light on my other web hangouts. (DeviantArt and MM) All are by that first photographer and continued friend, Nihilus.

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