Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Mess

Things are a bit of a mess at the moment. Both here, in the new house, figuratively, and literally. Nothing too bad; Just a little disarray.

A lot's been going on since we got back from our trips. We moved. There was no internet for a little bit. Lots of cleaning and shopping, and packing and unpacking. We got a lovely comfy gorgeous new mattress set. Queen, individual pocket springs, memory foam top, new pillows, good deal. (I've discovered that my pillow complex is because I'm a "side-sleeper") The whole thing was a combined gift too. We've mostly furnished the new place, just in need of a sofa/couch/futon/thing now. There's nowhere for people to sit other than our two computer chairs and the 3 kitchen chairs and the two camp chairs.

So online the mess is I've moved the blog, and changed names. Photos will be back in a little bit I have to re-upload them. I'm also working of doing some serious photo sorting done for the website project and you know just so I can look at my photos. Giving Lightroom a try. This may require a couple new hard drives and a RAM upgrade though.