Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday Suit

Suit.... eeew that's one of those words that just don't look right after spelling them out. It's my 24 on the 24th birthday this year. Unfortunately I'll be donning the "black and kaki" not noodles.
I actually do want to say more tonight but I'm completely bushed and really need to get to bed. Middle of the work week and all. But! I do want to boast about my plans to hit the town on Saturday and attend the 2009 National Book Festival Dual mission there; Listen to/ meet Lois Lowry, and take photos.

Both photos in this post (and the banner above) are from an early summer shoot with Mike Metheny While I was kindly allowed to edit these two, all copyrights are held by the photographer. The goal this weekend is to upload the rest of the images from this shoot onto DA and maybe finish my thoughts here.