Monday, April 26, 2010

sometimes a tree falls on your house

Ok been due an update here for forever. Lots has happened online and in the real world to this naked girl. I last visited here with an angsty, emotional post about my difficulty in maintaining casual relationships. This will be a much more expository entry. I promise. There's way too much ground to cover to go off on emotional tangents however inevitable they are when I get to self reflecting.

In the modeling area:
I'm modeling trade for time only with photographers I've worked with previously. My reasoning (not that i feel the need to justify this choice, just i like to clarify) is that the second, third, fourth, and so on sessions with a photographer are sequentially better. Less time is "wasted" getting to know eachother. And if social time is indulged in, it's leisurely and enjoyably comfortable. The communication flows better. Neither party is as hesitant to make remarks or express opinions about the process. ( the photographer is almost always better at directing me towards his/her vision the second time since they're no longer feeling out my boundaries and know what to expect from me/my body. ) Also, since I'm an occasional model I really only have time to work with a few people. I'd like to build on the good relationships I've already formed. I love working with these people, and to keep it fun it's gotta be on my terms. (keeping the hair, lets play messy, put up with my dorky banter) There are many who contacted me in the past year or or so and we just never were able to make it work time wise or personality via e-banter just didn't click. I'll go through the old emails as ideas/time frees up. But really if you want me to make time, you have to make it worth my while. I'm not expensive; I don't have rates, just rent to pay.

I've had a few shoots since getting back from Florida as the great snowmagedon wound down. I worked with Stephen Carroll and L S Photography. (neither of whom I've gotten back to about images) My behind was in a gallery show courtesy of Rahul/ Eye of Ra .

I did another workshop with Stan Goldstein and Valerie Whitaker. All of my sessions were full. I'm sure it had something to do with the girl on girl action set i did with Brynn Cook. I'd wanted to do a two girl set for a long time. In my head it was a quest for a more art nude series of images. These were pretty foxy and definitely pushed at the edges of whatever it is that people mean when they say "edgy, sexy, yet tasteful." There was the requisite lipstick on my boobs and her boobs and my bum and her bum. I enjoyed the session very much, tho it did cross the line of what i'm comfortable with in a shooting environment. Photographers if you're wondering, you always get what you pay for at Stan's workshops. And Models, he pays fairly and encourages playfulness, safety, and tipping.

In the online arena:
You can now sorta stalk me on Twitter @blueriverdreams (don't forget the 's' at the end there) I'm not super active but that's where my not safe for mom tweets are tooted from.
You can also ask me anything at, blueriverdream , as always. Why you would want to is beyond me. But hey, i'll have fun answering random questions.
I'm activating my Flickr account and engaging in a personal history excavation. The goal is to get ALL finished images up there; Everything I ever got back from a photographer with permission to post. Very few images will be held back. My personal ideas about art and quality be damned. Yep sorta giving up on the personal web site. I believe in utilizing the internets.
I'm pretty much done with OMP and simply left my profile up there as a place holder. It's a rusty hook dangling in shallow shadeless water off a broken pier. So don't take it seriously folks, just go to one of the other half dozen places you can contact me on the internet.

Also, in bringing naked and nerdy-ness to new personal level: I am a playdate on Game Crush , AprilRyan is the name.

In the up coming modeling plans:
I've got a still active casting call on MM. I'm looking for an adventurous and resourceful photographer who either knows of some wild berry patches, has berry farmer contacts, or a Costco membership. I'm in search of a messy shoot involving berries and nakedness. Preferably art/fine art nudes. I know most of my responses are going to be people who think i want to do a naked on the farm shoot. Nope not interested. I'm interested in eating berries naked, rolling in them, squishing them, and making a damn mess. I will travel for this. I will/can drive for this. Ohio, Pennsylvania, anywhere in VA. This search and my picky -ness surrounding it have already confused a few and possibly offended others.

I'll be modeling for Eye of Ra's Expose Yourself To Art project. It'll be cool, it'll be fun, it'll be big! Ask him about it.

Stan and Valerie are having another workshop in June (5th and 6th) I'll be modeling on Saturday
this time. Other than another two girl shoot, I suspect i'll have limited unless there is further interest. I'll be modeling with Kallia and I hear there'll be a bed this time! :) Like i said, not my usual bag of tricks, but i do like boobs.

In the offline-nonmodeling life happenings:
I now have a drivers license. That means when I have access to a vehicle I can drive it. All by myself, like a grownup. And since our move, I've been driving a lot. Also getting horribly lost a couple times.
Re: the move. A tree fell on the house we were renting. It was bad. The roof was crushed into the house. You could see sky from the kitchen, the living-room, the hall closet, and the study/3rd bedroom. The attic and brick walls saved us from bodily damage. The cats, and dog were shaken but fine. We moved out of obvious necessity. Not an experience i'd ever like to repeat. We had just returned from a trip to celebrate passover w/new family. It was crazy windy out and branches were falling in the yard and I was talking with my dad about my concern over the branches. His reassurance was to tell me that all I needed to worry about was one of the big Tulip Poplars from the neighboring property falling on us. Of course that then happened while we were talking about the unlikeliness of it happening that night. It was terrifying. Apparently, I had a good store of karma built up because nearly nothing was damaged. ( of our personal property) Plus we've got really good renters insurance. Video here:
Still Local in Falls Church, so no panicking. We may move again since the lease is up for re-signing come June. Any one in NOVA looking to live with a naked girl? We need a roommate.

Well that's all folks. The photo at the top is by rrebold MM# really long at the last workshop with Stan and Valerie down at Studio 400 in Lorton.


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Stephen Carroll said...

well, this turns out to be a good way to catch up on what's happening in your life and your plans. The damage in your house in the video is quite impressive! When we talk we should discuss the messy-berry idea, though in general berries are WAY too colorful for my aesthetic tastes. Maybe blackberries ;)) but you don't want to be rolling in those bushes!
give me a call.