Wednesday, May 26, 2010

good times

The boy just turned 26. Good times were had. His sister visited from Boston. We watched the finale of Lost. She hadn't seen anything since the first season so was amusingly confused. Tho she followed along surprisingly well and enjoyed it as well as any fan. I received a "happy last day of Lost" phone call from a MT friend and we caught up on the last 6 months of events. Of which there have been many in both of our lives. I've got my desktop computer hooked up in the new house. Which means I've settled in. I love the screen (a 22" HP) and have the stereo set up for Pandora streaming again. Hello photoshop and real keyboard. To celebrate i delved into the images from my K100 taken when it was new/used but new to me. These were from the first series of snaps the boy took with it and the old manual lens from my k1000 that i used while i saved up for the (usual) kit lens. Just us playing around.

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Mike Roberts said...

Love the laughing ones.