Sunday, December 21, 2008

I wish I had something of actuality to say. I don't that's the issue with this blog. I have nothing to say. I dislike talking blindly to an "audience." I'm not a habitual journal keeper. Anything I have to say to myself I say, there is no "hashing it out on paper. " I prefer imagery. I was an obsessive scrapbooker as a kid. Now I collect everything.
I often think of things I'd like to say in a blog entry, but then when it comes down to it, it seems pointless. Consequently, I have several unfinished, unposted "entries" hiding in the wings. I've thought about it on and off and I keep coming back to the thought that it has quite a bit to do with my personal feelings on privacy and how much of myself I reveal to the "outside world." Oh the Irony! A girl posting nude photos of herself on the internet and bemoaning the lack of substance in her own blog based on a fear of exposing herself! And why is that? Phooey is what I say. Maybe 2009 will be a me get over myself year?

Maybe I'll start telling stories again.

Once again: All images are copy write Life Is Great Images
with editing attempts by myself.


Mo said...

I've maintained for the past several years that I expose little when I expose my flesh. It's when I write or when I speak, that I become vulnerable. I wear my nudity as an armor against that when needed. Just a thought from a habitual journaler who has to thrash it out, hiding it right out in the wide open web.

SB said...

Your photos are sublimely beautiful. Some are sensual, some move toward erotic, all are personal, and all are greatly appreciated. Your photos celebrate the beauty and art of the human body. Your photos have a quiet power to them.

Thank you also for capturing the angst of the shields we raise to protect our vulnerable hearts. Your writings are powerful as well.