Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's the must have item you took to any photo shoot you've done?

Hm, mot sure i understand the question. I'm guessing you mean: what is the most useful item I've ever brought to a photo shoot? Or what do i bring to every photo shoot?

The most useful item i've brought to most photo shoots has been my hair brush. I have long hair and it tangles easily so should be brushed smooth between sets or even frames. I haven't brought that to ALL my shoots though because sometimes when you're in the woods, you're in the woods without a hairbrush. The other things i usually have with me are a snack and/or beverage, a knife, hair stick/ scrunchie, and a sonic screw driver (just in case). As a nude model I try to bring as little to shoots as possible. If i don't bring it I won't be asked to wear it. I'll bring makeup to studio shoots and will only wear it for location shoots if a) I'm being paid to or b) the photographer asked me really nicely to wear some.

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