Monday, March 2, 2009

Home and a sticky situation

I apologize for the lack of words here since we left MT. I did attempt to blog from the road. Technology was not on my side that night. It was cell phone internet and right in the middle of the access to blogs with voluntary warning pages issue. I swear it was the most thought provoking and mind opening insight I could give into the world and life of an girl who models nude! :P

I am surprised that people read this. I guess I shouldn't be, but it's what I was afraid of.

We are home for now. And where is home? Home is where the kitties are. Home is where the bed with a boy is. (and all the fun things that happen in the bed, with the boy) Home is coffee and tea in the morning with bacon and eggs. Home is where the desktop computers are set up, with fast internet for our daily fix of super condensed information. Home is now also a bit of dog induced routine. Letting him out at 7:30 then the food and the treats. The evening ends with a walk before bed. He is like a two year old. He can't be left alone without entertainment or he gets in trouble. He is incredible needy and will whine till you pet him. All the reasons I like other peoples dogs. Because they ain't mine! The kitties are so adaptable. They have to go out into the garage to eat because the dog will eat their food. He's smarter than he lets on. There's a weirdness with windows in this house too. Two windows look into the garage from the living room. So we've set up a table for the kitties to jump up onto. Then they go through a cat door in the window. There is a table on the other side. They jump down onto it and eat there. Home is where the boy and I have our life together. For now, my heart is in NoVA.

Rick Jolson contacted me on MM almost immediately after I updated my zip code. I'm very glad he did. It was a wonderful afternoon. We played with light and Karo syrup! His playful boxer greeted us at the door and kept an eye on activities all afternoon. And his wife was baking cookies! Seriously! Chocolate chip too, the boy tells me they were delicious. I can vouch for that as I snitched a tiny little bite, for posterity. (not enough to get sick, but plenty to tempt further transgressions...) Rick was great because he keeps a dialogue going about what he's doing and changing and adjusting. I like that. Even if I don't understand the whys, I can understand enough to get the whats. And I like being explained to about the lights and the angles and whats going on around me. I really dislike working with photographers who talk down at me and don't try to explain what they're doing, assuming that a model wouldn't be interested in such things.

Ah ok. Rick knew what he wanted and was great at guiding me in the direction he wanted me to go. I don't move around a lot during a shoot. I change position when asked. As I get more comfortable with a photographer, and the photos they are taking I am better at knowing when to change and where to move to and when to stop. My enduurance is low, and it is hard for me to hold absolutely still for long exposures. I work best when inspired. It's very hard for me to cold start posing. Things I need to work on! Looking at the images after the shoot it was nice to see our progression through the afternoon. At the start I was stiff and awkward, the lights were a little off. After a bit things smoothed out and all the photos looked awesome. I am very very pleased with these images from Rick.

This was the first photo session where there was an image where I do not recognize the girl looking back at me. She is a stranger. I feel that this is a good thing. Blueriverdream is coming into her own. I can let her go and be not-me.

I go through phases of hating the idea of modeling. It always happens when I decide that maybe this is something I could do as more than an occasional hobby. Maybe, just maybe I could stand doing this regularly and have a more professional attitude towards it? Especially right now, where I feel like I would do anything for money. Ends need to be met and my skill set is feeling rather empty. And really how is modeling that much better/different than waiting tables? (figuratively, from a female perspective)

Whoa wait. I have a rule: Have fun. If this ain't fun I won't do it. Creativity, girl hang on to it.

Back on track here, this shoot was crazy fun. I like messy and edible. I had mentioned this fact a long with several messy and edible ideas in my e-mails with Rick.

Originally it was pasta, but Karo syrup presented itself. Lovely sticky messy stuff. Not popular with people who have floors that are nice and clean. :) It was strait to the shower after this. Only, I couldn't walk there myself. Lovely textures and lines there in these photos right?

I'm off to start my first shift at a new job. Then tomorrow will be crazy busy with most likely running up to Baltimore. An interesting opportunity on the way back. Then Georgetown with my brother for the evening. He'll be 20 on Saturday. I promised to take him out.

Yes I skipped the Dirty Show! We'll have a time warp back to that later...

All images in this post are copyright Rick Jolson 2009.


Dave Levingston said...

Hey, those are some beautiful photos. Great work by both of you.

SB said...

Beautiful photos. As for your move, I left MT as well. I miss the family, friends, and scenery, but am happy being out of it as well.

Beautiful work.

Shadowscapestudio said...

I agree, wonderful images.

Vernon Trent said...

wonderful work by both of you!

Mike Roberts said...

This is such a wonderful series of images, and you did a fantastic job working with the very talented photographer. I look forward to seeing more of your work.