Thursday, June 11, 2009

a fresh start

Been sitting on this post for a while. I think I'll be posting more frequently and with less text after this.

I really wanted to make creative use of my spare room before renting it out. There are many memories in the window light and shadows of this room from when it was mine in high school. Then it was my brother's and he painted it orange. We now call it, 'the orange room' and luckily folks don't seem to mind the color. It's a cozy warm shade and I love, love the light in there. I wanted to get some photo time in and noticed the light on rainy days was nice. (we've been having a LOT of rainy days I don't remember spring being this wet. ) I set up a tripod and then played for a couple hours one day, a few minutes another day, and another couple hours a third day. It's been a couple months. (the room is now rented for the summer and not available for nakedness) The cats liked me playing on the floor and wanted to roll around too but i don't like cat tangled in my hair. That hurts.

In the photo world I've gone through a good portion of my own photos and begun purging the crap. The majority of images being dumped are tests, others are snaps that I no longer like or can't remember why I took in the first place. I've tried some new things in Photoshop and feel like I'm beginning to have a handle on how stuff works in there. There's more of a method to my editing with less guessing or accidental end results. It feels good.

I have a goal of going into DC and visiting something each week. So far that goal has failed to be actualized. I have been able to get my butt down there to visit the Sackler, the Castle, and the Museum of American Art. Lots more to visit and revisit. I have plans to go see this DC Artomatic thing

I've crossed that line between creative outlet and professional interest with my modeling, photography, and future goals in both areas. I contacted a photographer on CL who had posted looking for a model. Instead of modeling for him, I was offered a job. It's sort of a mish-mash of working from home doing internet based research, and working as an assistant at the weddings he shoots. It's been great because each wedding has been really, really cool. This area is so diverse culturally as well as having a large range of venues where folks chose to get married. I love it. Basically I tag along and play. The scheduling is difficult to balance with my full time day/night job and the occasional photo shoot.

Last month I even got someone else to come down here and explore my house. Mr. mmk60 (or on DA where I hangout mmk60) That was fun! I tried some new things. (always good) We thoroughly explored my house from the guest room to the attic. He took some lovely, lovely photos. I do hope to work with him again maybe closer to his home.
Except for the first and last photos here (wich are self portraits) all images are © mmk60 2009

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